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young redhead fagpup

Slutty faggot pup seeking to be used like the whore I am by real men. Wearing full lingerie and a dog mask with cocks stuffed in both holes. Currently seeking a fag master that wants a fagpup like me!! Nassau county Long Island NY That’s me kissing my one true love in the pic.

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get her to the stables

I do adore practicing when your friends come to visit, daaaaddddy.

Bad Dragon - Chance Unflaired XL with cumtube - head diameter is 2.77 inches, shaft is 2.72 inched in diameter and 17.5 inches total length. The medial ring is 2.9 inches.  Good Girl - Bambi wants one too......

scottiefag (me) is still working to make up for its lack of posting while it was serving SIRS Frank and Steve on vacation. They said that is not enough of an excuse and to get busy posting. faggot is especially apologizes if it disappointed any of its Superior Alpha Sir followers.

This pic is a bit confusing to scottiefag. Here's what faggot thinks. These are both fags in the gif who have been ordered by some Alpha Top SIRS to fuck each others open fag cunts. Clearly the fag being fucked has a sub collar, a tiny dicklet, and a very open cunt. scottiefag also thinks the guy doing the fucking is a fag, because it needs horse dildo to fuck, has a very smooth, slightly soft body, and sports the puffy nipples on soft tits that most fags have. it is also slow and methodical but not really into the fucking. scottiefag thinks the next thing that will happen is the two fags will change places. Either there are some Alphas watching or this is being filmed for Alphas' amusement at a later is still a fag

turns out fag balls do have a use after all

I love working for this dungeon master. He puts a lot of time and creativity in to his restraints and the men really seem to like pounding my hole. It’s great work when you can find it. 

I knew you’d come in useful.